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Booking and Cancellation Policy

Hi there, and thanks for trusting your hair removal journey to us. Your wellbeing is our focus, and we would like to assure you that you are in safe hands, and we will make sure your treatment is a success and your goals achieved as quickly and effectively as we can. That’s our commitment to you.

And we need your help to ensure we can treat you (and all our other clients) in a timely way. You can do this by avoiding late appointment cancellations, which will also help keep our prices lower. This is because cancellations at short notice often cannot be refilled, leaving gaps in our scheduling. This then has a negative revenue impact on our business and means we can see less clients each week.

Most of our clients are sensitive to this and avoid late cancellations. We thank you for your cooperation and support.

We try to help our clients keep their scheduled appointments by sending out automated booking confirmations via email at the time of booking, and reminder text messages three days before your appointment date. But we ask that you keep your appointments as booked, change them early if you need to, and avoid cancelling at short notice (within 2 days of your appointment) wherever possible. Appointments cancelled within 3 days cannot always be refilled (we will always try to) and will be subject to a late cancellation fee as outlined below.

Our Policy

1. Late Cancellation – New clients

If you are a new client and schedule a consultation-only appointment, no cancellation fee will be applied.  You will be sent a courtesy reminder at 9:30am 3 days before your appointment – and if you are unable to hold that appointment time – we ask that you either reschedule or cancel your appointment no later than 2 days before your allocated appointment so that we can off the timeslot to another client.

If you schedule a free consultation and add on a treatment session, then any cancellation of appointment within 2 days of the appointment, or if you don’t show up, or if you show up but chose not to have your treatment after your consultation, then you will be subject to a 50% late cancellation charge for the treatment session you had booked.

If you are unsure whether electrolysis is for you or when you can get started, it is best you book Initial Consultation only, before booking any add on treatment. On the day, if you decide not to go ahead with treatment, 50% deposit won’t be refunded, as we are unable to refill the time at the last minute.

2. Late Cancellation – Returning clients

You will usually be sent an appointment reminder at 9.30am 3 days before your next appointment and will be able to cancel/reschedule without charge on that day, and no later than 2 days before your appointment.

Any appointment cancellation or reschedule made less than 2 days before the scheduled appointment will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of your scheduled appointment fee.

To reiterate, we are not doing this to punish clients who need to reschedule, but to ensure our valued clients understand and respect that late cancellations mean we can have staff being paid to do nothing, and fewer clients are able to be treated that day.

2. Late Arrival for Appointment

It is the responsibility of our clients to attend at their scheduled appointment time, as it is our responsibility to have our Electrologist ready to treat you at that time. We recommend that our clients arrive at our Clinic 5 minutes before a scheduled appointment to ensure their treatment booking can be fully delivered.

The fee for service delivery commences from the scheduled appointment start-time. In circumstances where clients do not arrive until sometime after the start-time they will be charged the full fee for their appointed time but will only be able to receive treatment for the remaining time available. At our discretion, and where we have an available Electrologist who does not have an immediate follow-on client (which doesn’t occur often – we tend to be fully booked), we may be able to provide some follow-on catch-up treatment time, at no extra charge.

Please note: In the case of child clients (under 18 years of age) both the child and their parent/guardian must be present at the beginning of the scheduled appointment for it to go ahead on time. For child safety reasons we do not permit children to be in treatment without their parent or guardian always present.

3. Client fails to attend appointment – No-Show

Where clients have not cancelled their scheduled appointment but fail to attend their appointment at all during the allocated booking time, in these circumstances they will incur a fee obligation equal to 50% of the fee they would have been charged for their scheduled treatment.

Should this occur on two occasions, clients will be required to pre-pay in full any subsequent electrolysis treatment appointments they seek to book.

4. Payment of late cancellation, no-show, or late arrival fees

By making a treatment appointment with AEM you are agreeing to our terms and conditions outlined herein. In circumstances where a deposit has been paid (we require deposits of 50% at time of booking before we can confirm a session time) this can be used towards the payment of an incurred cancellation or no-show fee. Otherwise, late arrivals will be required to pay for the full booking time at the completion of their treatment session.

Where a client has prepaid for a treatment package, their treatment package fee will be unchanged, but this will mean they have forfeited treatment time equivalent to the cost amount of their late cancellation or no-show fee. In such cases, additional paid treatment time may be necessary to fully complete the treatment they had planned to receive

5. Covid-19 requirements

As stated elsewhere on our website clients must comply with any Covid-19 isolation rules required by the VIC government. The government currently advises that you are most infectious 2 days before your symptoms start, and while you have symptoms. It is recommended that you should isolate for at least 5 days and until you don’t have symptoms anymore.

If you are at all unsure, please contact and discuss your situation before coming in for treatment, and do so without delay.

The client appointment cancellation policy (outlined above) will still apply, although Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne management reserves the right to waive part or all of a late cancellation fee where it can be demonstrated that compliance with Covid requirements was the cause.

6. Refunds Policy

We will always endeavour to assist with rescheduling client appointments, per the terms stated elsewhere in this policy.
Please note that we don’t refund for change of mind. However, we may use our discretion if we believe the treatments purchased by you – because of previously unforeseen circumstances – can no longer be provided to you.

Any refund requests for treatments already purchased by you (such as treatment package sessions) but not yet received by you must be made in writing and forwarded to us for our consideration.

Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne management will consider all such written requests in a timely way and advise you whether a refund is approved or not.

7. Appointment’s reminder system

Each client’s Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne appointment booking/s is confirmed by us at the time of scheduling appointments. It is the responsibility of clients to attend their scheduled Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne appointments at the scheduled date and time.

As a courtesy to assist our clients Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne uses an automated third-party appointment reminder service. However, you must not rely on these courtesy reminders as we cannot guarantee delivery of notifications to customer mobile phone or emails by this third party will always occur in a timely manner. Please note that any failure to receive a courtesy reminder message is not a valid reason for late cancellation or failure to attend any scheduled appointment on time.

Packages Terms and Conditions

  • All Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne Packages are prepaid and appointments are pre-booked prior to commencement
  • Packages may be purchased online or in person
  • Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne Packages can only be redeemed at Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne
  • All Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne Packages are non-refundable in whole or in part and have a final expiry date varying from 2 to 12 months from date of purchase. If your package has not been completed within the time frame, then the remaining balance will be available to you as a credit
  • Your credit will remain valid for 36 months from the date of your purchase, subject to the following;
  • Should the package not be completed within the Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne timeframe allotted, then the package will revert to an available credit only
  • Should the package be transferred at your request to another nominated Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne client, your credit balance only will be transferred to the nominated person

We always do our best to ensure the conditions related to each package are as clear as possible. That being said, we rely on you, the client, to choose carefully and ensure that the package you select suits your needs, requirements, timing and redemption ability. If you decide over time that your package is no longer useful for you, we suggest you pass it on to a friend or family member. Refer to our cancellation policy for further information.


  • Package – an Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne Package is the purchase of a group of treatments for a discounted dollar amount to a single person.
  • Credit – credit refers to the balance of an unused package. Should you not complete your package, (in the timeframe allotted by Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne or you wish to transfer the balance to another person, it will be called credit. Credit is the original amount paid, less your treatments completed, at Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne current pricing. The balance will be called Credit, and discounts will not apply.


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