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Hair Removal Treatment for Men

Electrolysis for men in Melbourne

Highly effective, safe and permanent, galvanic electrolysis is a great hair removal option for men in Victoria. It’s suitable for all skin tones, hair types and colours, and unlike shaving, waxing or laser hair removal, electrolysis for men delivers permanent results. 

Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne offers the best permanent hair removal service for men in Victoria. Our skilled and experienced team will cater to your unique needs in a professional and discreet environment.

Whether you’re tired of temporary hair removal methods or you feel self-conscious about your unwanted hair, we have a solution for you. Our experienced electrologists work with precision and care to give you permanent results that make your life simpler and help you feel confident in your skin.

To learn more about electrolysis, please visit our ‘About Electrolysis’ page.

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We’ll answer all your questions about electrolysis treatment and create a personalised treatment plan that includes an estimation of the number of sessions you’ll require and the cost. We’ll also provide aftercare advice for best results.

Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne is the ultimate choice for permanent hair removal for men in Melbourne.

Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal for Men

We offer galvanic electrolysis permanent hair removal for the following facial and body areas:

For more answers to general questions about electrolysis hair removal, please visit our Electrolysis FAQ page.

Beard line 

Keeping a sharp cheek line and neck line with temporary hair removal methods such as trimming and shaving can be quite tedious and inconvenient.

Galvanic electrolysis is the perfect method for shaping the beard to create a sharp cheek and neck line by targeting and removing selected hairs without affecting surrounding hairs.

In addition to beard shaping, we can also remove selected hairs on the cheeks or create a more symmetrical beard line. The advantage of galvanic electrolysis is selected hairs can be removed without affecting hairs surrounding it.


With electrolysis hair removal treatment from AEM, you can finally say goodbye to irritated  skin and ingrown hairs from regularly shaving your beard. Galvanic electrolysis is also the only permanent solution to remove grey hairs from the chin or scattered throughout the beard.

Moreover, shaving and other temporary hair removal methods can be inconvenient and need to be repeated regularly. This is why many men choose electrolysis to permanently remove their beard and facial hair to achieve smooth, hair-free skin.

Common questions and answers about electrolysis are available here.


For many men, the neck area and Adam’s apple are often challenging to shave, resulting in painful razor burn and bleeding. Electrolysis permanently removes unwanted neck hair so that you will never need to shave again. What’s more, galvanic electrolysis can also be used to selectively eliminate neck hair to create a higher beard line. This method is highly effective for hair of all colours and textures – including thick and coarse facial and neck hairs.


Having to regularly remove those pesky hairs growing between the eyebrows by tweezing, shaving or waxing can be a real nuisance. The good news is – galvanic electrolysis is the perfect solution to remove unwanted eyebrow hair once and for all. From sculpting eyebrows to removing stray hairs and cleaning up the area between brows, our expert electrologists will help you achieve a clearer eyebrow shape to help you look your best.


Many men have some hair growth on the ear, which can increase or get thicker with age. Electrolysis hair removal for ear hair is one of the most common electrolysis treatments for men. Hair growing on the outer parts of the ear can be safely, effectively and permanently removed using electrolysis. What’s more, galvanic electrolysis is highly effective for eliminating all hair types and colours, including grey hairs.

Back of the Neck

The hair growing on the back of the neck often looks unkempt, yet removing it yourself can be difficult and awkward. We offer galvanic electrolysis permanent hair removal for the back of the neck, so that you will never need to worry about having to shave or trim it again.


If you would like to never have to deal with removing unwanted shoulder hair, electrolysis is the answer for you. After our electrolysis hair removal treatment, you will never feel self-conscious about your shoulder hair again. We can remove all your shoulder hair or part of it, or blend it with upper arm hair to achieve a natural look. Galvanic electrolysis permanently eliminates shoulder hair, so that you can feel confident when wearing a tank top or going shirtless.



Galvanic electrolysis is the best option for permanently removing chest hair so that you will never need to shave again. What’s more, this method is equally effective for thick, long and wiry hairs, as well as grey hairs.

To learn about skin healing and how to look after your skin after electrolysis, please visit our ‘Aftercare’ page.


Removing back hair using temporary hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing can be a real hassle. With electrolysis permanent hair removal for men, you will never need to worry about back hair again. At your free initial consultation, we will create a personalised treatment plan according to each client’s desired outcome and lifestyle to help you achieve your goals. Importantly, we will target the darker and more visible patches of hair growing on the back first, helping you feel more confident while wearing a tank top or going shirtless.


Hair growing on the abdomen area can be thick and long, creating friction with your trousers and belt. Electrolysis treatment permanently removes unwanted hair on your abdomen and prevents future re-growth.


If you have excessive or unwanted hair growth on the upper part of your arms (that sometimes joins the hair growing on the shoulders), we can permanently remove your upper arm hair to help you get the look and feel of hair free skin. 


Although hair growth on the buttocks is quite common in men, many choose to remove unwanted hair from this body region. At Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne, our skilled electrologists will permanently eliminate unwanted hair growth from all parts of the buttocks to help you achieve smooth, hair-free skin.

Grey Hair

Galvanic electrolysis is a highly effective hair removal method for all parts of body, as well as for all hair colours and types. What’s more, electrolysis is the only permanent method for removing grey hairs from all facial and body areas, including the beard, chest and shoulders.

To learn the benefits of electrolysis, visit our Blog ‘4 benefits of Electrolysis

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Tattooed Skin

Whether you’d like to permanently remove unwanted hair before getting a tattoo or from tattooed skin, galvanic electrolysis is the perfect solution. Safe and effective for all types and colours of hair and skin, electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that will not alter the appearance of your tattoo.

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Whatever your hair colour, skin colour or hair type, galvanic electrolysis from Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne achieves permanent results. 

Our qualified electrologists are experienced in providing effective and personalised hair removal treatments to men of all ages and backgrounds.

Book your free, initial consultation today phone 0421 375 389 or by using our simple online booking system (no signing up required) to start your journey towards permanently hair free skin.

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