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Electrolysis Treatment in Melbourne

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Would you love to find a hair removal method that removes your unwanted hair, for good?

Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne is a boutique clinic offering expert multi-probe galvanic electrolysis treatment in Melbourne, Victoria. Our gentle, caring and highly skilled electrologists use the latest technology to make your unwanted hair issues a thing of the past. 

Here we explain a little bit more about what we do…

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Galvanic electrolysis, sometimes simply referred to as ‘electrolysis’, is an established hair removal technique that’s been in use since 1875. This technique has increased in popularity over the last several decades in particular, and the technology used today is capable of incredible and permanent hair removal results.

In fact, galvanic electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal method with a proven track record approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

This treatment can be used to remove unwanted hair from most body and facial areas, and works on all hair colours and types and on people of all backgrounds.

AEM provides you with best-practice, safe and permanent electrolysis hair removal treatments. We ensure you receive optimal results delivered in a professional, caring and friendly manner. 

More questions about electrolysis can be found here or contact us to find out more.

A tiny electrical current is passed into the hair follicle using an ultra-fine probe. This creates a chemical reaction that eliminates the parts of the hair responsible for its growth and regeneration. Not only is the hair removed – it cannot grow back, for good.

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During your electrolysis hair removal treatment, an electrologist will insert an ultra-fine probe into each individual hair follicle. A tiny electrical current is passed through the probe, creating a chemical reaction that targets the bulge, which is the part of the hair responsible for growth so the hair can’t regenerate. In addition, the hair of the treated hair follicle is gently removed with tweezers by the electrologist.

The level of discomfort you experience will depend on the area being treated and your sensitivity threshold. At Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne, our electrologists are very careful and gentle, and work with expert precision to help minimise any discomfort. We continually check in with you to make sure you’re ok.

More answers to the most common questions about electrolysis are in our FAQs here.

Laser hair removal is a method that uses light energy to target the dark pigment inside the hair follicle. This energy becomes transformed into heat, which damages the hair follicle and inhibits or delays hair growth.

However, laser hair removal is not a permanent hair removal solution, since it only reduces the number of unwanted hairs in a specific area and also requires regular touch-ups. Moreover, laser hair removal is not effective for individuals with darker skin tones, or for removal of light-coloured hair including vellus (peach fuzz).

In contrast, the local galvanic electrolysis treatment you get at our Melbourne based clinic is a hair removal method that uses a tiny electrical current which is passed down into the hair follicle using a very fine probe, which creates a chemical reaction that permanently destroys the elements of the hair follicle responsible for hair production. 

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal method and is effective for all skin and hair colours and types.

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Some clients are surprised to learn that multiple electrolysis treatment sessions are needed to achieve their desired results. 

There is a lengthy scientific explanation as to why several sessions are needed, but it basically comes down to the fact that hair grows in different stages. At any given time, there are hair follicles with visible hairs and dormant hair follicles, where hair hasn’t yet reached the skin’s surface.  

To give you an example, it can be helpful to look in the mirror. Perhaps you have some hair growing above your upper lip. While you might have lots of hair follicles in this area, not every hair follicle will have a hair growing out of it at this particular moment. 

When you visit our clinic, we’ll treat the visible hairs but dormant hair follicles will need to be worked on during later visits. We need to treat each hair follicle to give you the hair-free look you’re hoping for. 

The best way to find out how many sessions you’ll require is to book your free consultation. We’ll then examine the potential treatment area and give you an estimation of the number of treatment sessions needed and the cost involved. 

To learn more about electrolysis, please visit our Electrolysis FAQs.

I've had my upper lip, chin, nose, sides, cheeks and forehead done - basically my whole face. Louis is a professional and has been with me every step most of the way.

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When considering electrolysis treatment in Melbourne, we’re the experts you can trust.

During the consultation, we will provide you with all the information you need about electrolysis, and create a personalised treatment plan just for you, including an estimation of the number of sessions you’ll require and the cost. We’ll also provide detailed electrolysis aftercare advice for best results.

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