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4 Amazing Benefits of Electrolysis

Even though electrolysis has been around for well over 100 years, it’s still like a ‘best kept secret’. Many clients find their way to us after disappointing experiences with laser hair removal, when they discover laser does not offer permanent results; or after endless appointments of waxing and threading. Electrolysis hasn’t been their first option and many are confused about what electrolysis actually is, how it works and what it can do. 

We’re here to help clear up the confusion with our list of four fantastic benefits of electrolysis. We could go on all day about why electrolysis is so amazing, but we’ve done our best to be succinct. For more detailed information on electrolysis hair removal, please visit this page to read more about the procedure.

So here are four key benefits of electrolysis permanent hair removal and why you should visit AEM Electrolysis to give it a go:

1. It’s a well established and proven method. Galvanic electrolysis was invented in 1875. As of today, it remains the only hair removal method approved by the American FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as permanent. Laser isn’t recognised as a permanent hair removal option.

2. Our treatments are safe and can be performed on different parts of the face and body. At AEM, we provide you with best practice, safe and effective permanent hair removal services. Sterilised probes are individually packed and are single-use only. You can also have treatments performed on almost anywhere on your face or body. Examples include your eyebrows, upper lips, chin, snail trail on your stomach, bikini line, fingers and toes. To read a full list of facial and body areas we’re able to treat, please visit our Treatments page.

“Our electrolysis treatments are effective for all different skin tones, hair colours and hair types.”

3. Electrolysis is for everyone. Our treatments are effective on all different skin tones, hair colours and hair types. In electrolysis treatment, a tiny electrical current is passed into the hair follicle using an ultra-fine probe. This process creates a chemical reaction (sodium hydroxide or lye) that will permanently eliminate the part of the hair responsible for growth and regeneration. Regardless of your hair type or colour, the hair will be permanently removed and won’t grow back. You can also read our answers to some electrolysis permanent hair removal frequently asked questions.

4. Electrolysis is cost effective in the long run. Multiple trips to waxing salons and laser clinics really add up over time! Electrolysis is an investment that delivers permanent results. Once your treatment plan is complete, that’s it, the hair is gone with no further maintenance trips required.  

Book your free consultation with AEM to receive free evaluation of the treatment area, estimation of how many hours to clear unwanted hair and a personalised treatment plan that works for you.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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