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Melbourne's boutique electrolysis clinic helping you find your confidence.

Find your confidence.

Current Treatment Availability at AEM

Here at AEM we are grateful for the strong demand for our service! Right now we need to prioritise our current clients to ensure they get their treatments completed as soon as possible, which will then free up new appointment opportunities.
New clients: please check our availabilities via Book button. You can send enquiry, or join our Waitlist by using our contact form or request a callback.
Returning clients: please use our online booking tool, if you cannot find a preferred time please check back frequently in case vacancies arise or contact us directly via phone or SMS on 0421 375 389.

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Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne, your hair removal specialists.

If you’re looking for a safe, effective and permanent way to remove unwanted hair, you’ve come to the right place. Conveniently located just outside of Melbourne CBD, we’re a boutique electrolysis clinic dedicated to helping you look and feel your best through our expertise in permanent hair removal.

Whatever your age, gender, hair colour, skin tone or hair type, we can help you get rid of your unwanted hair, for good.

Our electrologists are skilled, experienced, professional and caring. We’re on a mission to give you results that help you to be your happiest, most confident self. 

Contact us today to schedule your initial, free and no-obligation consultation.

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Schedule your free consultation

The first step on the path to getting rid of your unwanted hair permanently, is to book your complimentary (and obligation-free) initial consultation. Here you’ll meet with one of our expert electrologists who will listen to your goals, answer your questions, and evaluate the potential treatment area. 

We’ll then develop a personalised treatment plan for you based on your unique requirements. We’ll also provide you with an estimate of how many treatment sessions you’ll need to permanently remove unwanted hair in the targeted area and the cost involved.

To know what to expect at your first electrolysis appointment, you can read more here.

AEM Treatments

Select from our range of treatment categories to view services most relevant to you. Got questions? Get in touch.

Why Choose AEM?

You want to look your best and feel great about yourself – and we want that for you, too.

Having worked with many clients over the years, we understand that unwanted body or facial hair can significantly impact how you see yourself and the way you interact with the world. Getting rid of unwanted hair, permanently, offers you life-changing benefits – from simple convenience through to enhancing your self-esteem.

When you visit Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne (AEM), you’ll be treated by skilled, experienced, and respectful electrologists who genuinely want to give you results you’ll love.

With us, you can be confident you’re in good hands. We’re passionate about offering the best possible service, we’re careful about the details, and we maintain the strictest hygiene levels for your safety in our new clinic, conveniently located just five kilometres from Melbourne CBD.

We can also give you results that last. Electrolysis is the only hair removal method recognised as permanent by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

When you choose us, your unwanted hair growth will be removed in a kind, caring environment by expert electrologists using the latest technology. At AEM we offer galvanic electrolysis hair removal in Melbourne because it’s highly effective for permanent removal of all hair types and colours.

We’re one of just a handful of clinics in Australia offering this permanent hair removal service, so for results that last, we’re the people to talk to. Learn more here.

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The Benefits of Electrolysis Hair Removal

When considering hair removal options, galvanic electrolysis is the way to go. Here’s why we love it (and why we think you will too):

Permanent Results

Galvanic electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal technique approved by the FDA. This method eliminates the components of the hair follicle responsible for growth and regeneration, ensuring unwanted hair won’t grow back.


Unlike laser hair removal, electrolysis is highly effective for all skin and hair colours, as well as for all hair types and textures. Galvanic electrolysis can be used to remove unwanted hair from virtually all facial and body regions.


When performed by a skilled and experienced electrologist, galvanic electrolysis is a safe and permanent hair removal method. Following our recommended treatment plan and guide on aftercare will ensure optimal skin healing.

Cost effectiveness

Unlike temporary hair removal methods, electrolysis delivers permanent results. No more plucking, waxing, shaving or laser hair removal. Electrolysis hair removal treatment is a cost-effective investment that will save you money in the long run.

The technology....

About Electrolysis for Hair Removal - What You Need to Know

Are you keen to achieve permanently hair-free skin with galvanic electrolysis in Melbourne? Here’s some essential information about electrolysis hair removal you may be interested to know, as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions.

To learn more about electrolysis, please visit our FAQ page.

For women, there are many potential causes of unwanted hair growth including hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, hereditary factors and medical conditions that affect the endocrine system. In men, genetics seems to play the most significant role in triggering excessive hair growth. 

Other causes include medications, stress, diet and age. 

Some people find when their hair grows back following temporary hair removal methods, like waxing, threading, or laser hair removal, there seems to be more hair in those areas than they had previously, and they wish to have the hair permanently removed. 

In other cases, clients’ unwanted hair growth is caused by completely normal factors – the hair is ‘unwanted’ simply because it’s inconvenient and the client doesn’t like the way it looks.

Galvanic electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method that involves passing a tiny electrical current through an ultra-thin probe into a hair follicle, where it creates a chemical reaction.

The resulting reaction eliminates the parts of the hair follicle responsible for its growth and ensures that the hair does not grow back again.

Laser hair removal uses light energy to target the dark pigment inside the hair follicle, thereby damaging or destroying it and inhibiting hair growth.

Importantly, laser hair removal is not a permanent hair removal treatment, merely reducing the number of unwanted hairs in a specific area and requiring regular touch-ups. What’s more, laser hair removal is not effective for individuals with darker skin tones, or for removal of light-coloured hair.

Galvanic electrolysis uses a tiny electrical current which is passed down into the hair follicle with an ultra-thin probe, which creates a chemical reaction that eliminates the hair follicle and prevents hair regrowth. 

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal method and is effective for all skin and hair colours and types.

The number of sessions needed to permanently remove unwanted hair from a specific area can vary between individuals and depends on factors such as hair density and the size of the area to be treated.

At your initial free consultation, we will provide an assessment to determine the extent of treatment required, as well as an estimation of the number of treatment sessions necessary.

You can book your appointment with us by calling us on 0421 375 389, or by using our simple online booking system (no signing up required).

The AEM Location

About our facility

Take a quick tour of the AEM office in Richmond, Melbourne and get some handy tips on topics like how to get here, what to bring and what features our clinic has available. 

Visit our Melbourne electrolysis hair removal location profile for more today. 

The latest from the AEM Blog

The three stages involved in your electrolysis treatment

Are you keen to achieve permanently hair-free skin with galvanic electrolysis in Melbourne? Here’s some essential information about electrolysis hair removal you may be interested to know, as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Your electrolysis journey at Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne begins when you book your initial consultation. This consultation is complimentary and obligation-free. This is where you’ll meet with your electrologist who will talk you through the treatment process, listen to your goals and concerns and answer any of your questions about the treatment. Specifically, we’ll: 

  • Explain how electrolysis treatment works
  • Go over your medical history
  • Evaluate your skin and the area(s) you are concerned about
  • Create a customised treatment plan for you
  • Provide a cost estimate for your treatment

To learn more about what you can expect, you can read our blog post ‘What to expect at your first electrolysis appointment’.

To learn more about our range of treatment categories and how you can benefit, select from: Female, Male, Transgender, PCOS, Menopause.

During each treatment session, you’ll be positioned comfortably and the electrologist will first clean the specified area by applying a disinfectant solution to your skin.

Your treatments will then be carried out in line with your overall treatment plan, taking into consideration your unique goals and concerns. Our expert electrologists work with care to help you achieve the particular look you have in mind. 

After each and every treatment, it’s important that you follow our aftercare advice closely to ensure optimal healing and lasting results. We’ll explain the aftercare required when you visit our clinic but for more information, please visit our Electrolysis Aftercare page and our FAQs.

Once the required treatments have been performed and the aftercare instructions have been followed, your unwanted hair will be gone for good. 

You’ll no longer have to shave, wax, or ‘laser’ the area in question. You won’t have to think twice about an impromptu visit to the beach or catching up with friends. Unwanted hair won’t even enter the equation when planning a quick break or long holiday away. 

Most importantly, you’ll have hair-free skin that enhances your confidence, and that’s why we’re passionate about what we do. View our profile to learn more.