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We’re very proud of the transformations we’ve helped achieve through our electrolysis treatments. Find out what others are saying about our services and why they rave about us…

"Over 30 years ago I discovered Galvanic multi probe Electrolysis, introduced it to Australia, created the Vanic method which to date, is still delivering guaranteed results and meeting the expectations of our clients. 8 years ago, a young man joined our team at Permanence City in Sydney. He wanted to learn more, he was fascinated by the results we could deliver and how so many lives where changed, the impact the Vanic method had on them. His values were so aligned to the needs of the clients. He shared his dream with me several years ago to open his own clinic and offer the same experience to clients in Melbourne. He quickly rose to Manager in order to learn every aspect of business. Now its time! With more than 8000 hours of practical experience, a highly skilled clinician, with understanding and compassion for clients needs, we in Sydney wish him every success in his venture. Melbourne, you are in very safe hands!"
Noreen Roesler
Permanence, founder and ceo
"He has been very professional, comprehensive and caring all the time. He creates a very comfortable environment for each client, and the facilities are clean and lovely. I highly recommend Louis and Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne if you want a permanent hair removal solution."
“I’m so happy with the results. Chin hairs were getting unruly, 8 months later hairs are completely gone. I was a bit unsure of what to expect as I had never had electrolysis before. Louis explained the process clearly and was so gentle.”
“Louis provides outstanding service. From the first appointment he made me feel very comfortable as I was feeling pretty down about all the facial hair that had been getting worse. My confidence has increased.”
“Whilst it is uncomfortable it is totally tolerable, especially with Louis as the provider because he is the consummate professional. Very knowledgeable, experienced and efficient. His studio is very clean and his equipment hygienic and well maintained. I have no hesitation in recommending Louis other than it might make it harder to find an available appointment, if word gets out!”
“Louis is professional and friendly. His salon is beautifully presented and he maintains a high standard of hygiene. I was a little apprehensive at first and he reassured me with his professional knowledge and skills. Highly recommend. My chin hair worries are no more!"
“I was a little nervous about this approach to hair removal, however Advanced Electrolysis Melbourne were exceptionally informative and eased all my concerns.”
"Louis is an expert in his chosen profession, he does an outstanding job and makes you feel confident in his practice which is important when you are apprehensive. I am so pleased with the outcome achieved and I felt confident at all times in Louis’s ability to meet and exceed my expectations.  Louis explains things so well, he is a great communicator which helps distract you from the actual procedure. We even had many laughs a long the way which was a good distraction as well and refocused you during the procedure . I would like to thank Louis for his knowledge, experience and expertise. I would highly recommend him if you want to achieve permanent hair removal.  A very happy client, totally satisfied as I was initially nervous. Thank you so much Louis."
David S
"Louis has been my electrolysis technician for over a year and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. He is punctual, comforting, knowledgeable and caring. Louis is very considerate of me as a patient and knows how important this process is for his clients. For something that is quite a sensitive subject for most, I experienced nothing but professionalism and care from the start. I’m excited to continue my treatment and to see further improvement. I now have greater self-esteem and confidence in myself after choosing to receive electrolysis as a permanent hair removal solution. Louis is one of the best and you’ll be in great hands."
Renny B
"I decided to try electrolysis because I wanted a permanent result and laser treatment is just not permanent. I saw Louis for several sessions and he is an expert at what he does. He is also very caring and creates a really comfortable space for his clients. No matter what area you want cleared of hairs, Louis will get you the results that you are looking for. I can highly recommend his services."
Elizabeth McDonnell
"I have been Trans for over twenty years and during that time my hair removal regime was waxing my face weekly. Over this two year cycle I was treated by Louis. I found Louis to be the ultimate professional, patient and caring in his approach. He kept me fully informed of the progress and his communication was both helpful and honest. In general this treatment is uncomfortable and painful, but Louis is fully aware of this always and did his best to help me manage the discomfort.  Of course, for us Trans women, this kind of ‘project’ is time consuming, painful and expensive. But the result is completely freeing, improves confidence and adds considerably to a successful transition. Three months on since my last treatment, no hair has returned and my skin feels like a baby’s bum. For all the challenges of this ‘project’ I am delighted with the final result."
“I've had my upper lip, chin, nose, sides, cheeks and forehead done - basically my whole face. Louis is a professional and has been with me every step most of the way.”
“Louis is AMAZING. He made me feel so comfortable from the get go. Our appointments are always on time and he has great conversation. I actually look forward to my appointments knowing I’m going to see Louis again 🙂 Thank you for changing how I feel about myself most importantly!”
"I highly recommend Louis. He has always acted in a professional manner, but also gets to know the clients personally. He listens to exactly what you want and will give his professional advice specific to these needs. He goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and at ease throughout treatments. Because of him, I am feeling much more confident, I am absolutely delighted with the results so far. ”
“I can’t thank Louis enough. He is very kind and makes me feel extremely comfortable. I have red hair and lasers and other forms of hair removal have never worked for me. I was skeptical at first but I’ve been going for over a year and the areas that have been treated have zero hair growth.”

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