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Prepare for your first treatment

Prepare for Your Electrolysis Treatment

So you’ve decided to get electrolysis with AEM Electrolysis and you’re ready to say goodbye to your unwanted hair for good. We’re so excited to work with you and give you hair-free skin that makes life easier and gives you the confidence you deserve to feel. 

Here are our tips and suggestions to help you get ready for your first visit (and for each treatment afterwards): 

Please don’t shave the area prior to your appointment

We’re often asked if you need to shave or trim your hair before electrolysis (as you might before a laser treatment). The answer is no – in fact, as you’ll read in the next tip, we ask that you don’t shave the area at least 3 days before your treatment. Unlike laser hair removal, we also don’t shave or trim your hair prior to your electrolysis session. 

Please stop all hair removal methods on the area at least 3 days before your treatment 

This might be a tough one and we completely understand, particularly if your unwanted hair is in a prominent spot or you feel very self-conscious about it. Prior to electrolysis you might have regularly tried waxing, threading or plucking to manage your unwanted hair. 

We kindly ask you not to do any forms of hair removal at least 3 full days prior to your appointment. 

If this has you feeling very anxious, perhaps you could avoid planning any social engagements just prior to your treatment and instead, take some extra time to pamper yourself. If that’s not an option, please remind yourself that we’re all our own worst critic and it’s very likely your hair isn’t as obvious to others as it is to you. Hair or no hair, you’re amazing just as you are and you deserve kindness and respect (including from your own inner voice)! You’re on a life-changing journey and soon you’ll never have to give your unwanted hair even a second thought. 

Stay hydrated 

“It’s best to avoid coffee, tea and caffeinated drinks just before your appointment”

It’s a good idea to drink plenty of water in the lead-up to your treatment. Staying hydrated will keep your skin supple and moisturised which is super helpful in electrolysis.  

It’s also best to avoid coffee, tea and caffeinated drinks just before your appointment. 

At AEM, we’ll provide you with water to keep you hydrated.

stay hydrated

Protect your skin 

“Electrolysis loves well-hydrated and moisturised skin”

You’ll enjoy the best outcome from electrolysis when your skin is in its best condition. Please avoid sunburn and sun exposure, any chemical peels and exfoliants, and overuse of different products before your treatments. Electrolysis loves well-hydrated and moisturised skin that doesn’t show signs of redness or peeling. 

While on your personalised treatment plan provided by AEM Electrolysis, please maintain a simple skincare routine (avoiding any harsh products). More information on Aftercare and how to look after you skin after electrolysis is available here

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If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us here. We’re here to help! 

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